Thursday, March 4, 2010

Substance. Help. Information.Tortillas

I felt my last post was lacking substance nothing really thought provoking or inspiring just a list of things I'm currently busy with. that's not really what blogs are for and despite me being supper excited for all that stuff i can't help, but feel like perhaps i should write stuff that is feedback worthy if I'm going to make a text only post. So loyal reader (yes you who actually does read my self indulgent garbage) I am asking you for thoughts on a character I'm working on for my thesis film. I won't get into crazy details, but to give you a single question that will fuel what I'm looking for i'll ask you this...


Go crazy with it! I want raw human reaction! Be honest, but maybe even warp the truth a little bit as if you where able to do whatever the hell you wanted to with no restrictions or punishment. My goal is to harness these emotions and fuel the villain I want to lead my thesis. You could potentially influence me so greatly that i'd owe you so many thanks my head would probably explode. I look forward to any responses this post may spawn.

Thanks for reading!!!

and on a side note I only wrote the word Tortillas so that my title would make an acronym :)


yeah i'm alive just been busy got the week off next week so more than likely big updates then. Currently Making a film, planning a film, writing songs, starting a band, joining another band, helping create another film and still finding time to play some street fighter. things are pretty sweet right now!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Random Triceratops I found on my hard drive he was suppose to end up on a t-shirt for a band that broke up but ended up on their myspace layout temporarily

Voice Stuff

Since it'll be a week or two till we have some animated footage of the baddest thing to hit the planet since Michael Jackson I'm posting audio of The Genocide Rebel. These are most if not all of his lines that will appear in the first episode. so spoiler alert i guess:


if you are kind enough to check it out leave me some feed back. His energy is what has me so pumped about this project and I don't think I ever had this much fun doing a voice + it's nice not to be completely raspy for once.

until next post...

Irizarry Out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Update

Well I'm back to animating on paper legit! Pretty cool stuff cause I'm so much better at drawing on that. Still pumped for my idea! Also did some recording of the main characters and did a short intro animation. Things are looking good.

In other news I'm in a band now, but am still hard pressed on a final name. Practice sometime next week hopefully.

Until the next update...

Justin Irizarry

p.s. Legit just used warmly as a ending statement hahahaha

Saturday, February 13, 2010